Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dr. Willerson (dissecting the shoot)

A successful shoot usually evolves.  This is especially true for editorial assignments.  Whenever possible, I research my subject and review a draft of the story.  Dr. James T. Willerson is a world renowned Cardiologist.  He is the Director of Cardiology research at the Texas Heart Institute.  This assignment was for an Idea Makers story in this month's issue of Continental Airlines Magazine.  Before the scheduled shoot, I made a visit to scout the facility.  I was immediately drawn to the operating room for one shot and found a couple of other locations that would work for the second shot.  I was also shown a model of a human heart that would make a really interesting prop.  We made all the necessary arrangements and on the day of the shoot I arrived about 2 hours early with my assistant, Len.  We pre-lit both sets and only kept the doctor about 20 minutes in each set.  Here is the final shot of Dr. Willerson followed by Len in scrubs during the setup process.  Len is a great assistant and it's nice having him to collaborate with on interesting assignments.  Makeup Artist: Cinthia Moore.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Selecciones on newsstands

This was my first assignment for Selecciones magazine (spanish version of Readers' Digest). This shot landed on the back cover of the December issue.   The story is about an amazing woman, Venus Gines, that organizes health fairs around the country to provide education and free medical screenings to Latinas.  Makeup Artist: Victoria Callaway.